REGZA Z2 compatible remote control app

An unofficial remote control app for the TV “REGZA Z2” released by Toshiba Corporation.
TV operation via network is possible.

WHAT is Z-remo?

Functional overview

“Z-remo” is an unofficial remote control application for TV REGZA Z2 which was released from Toshiba Corporation. Using the REGZA Apps Connect function, TV operation via the network is possible. Since the official application distribution has been terminated now, please use it as a substitute application.

  • REGZA is a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation.
  • gesture operation, tag related function are not installed.
  • Please refer to the operation manual etc. regarding the setting of the television side and connection of the net environment.

Tested models


Assumed operating model

XS5/X3, Z7/J7/HB2/ZT2/ZP3/Z3, ZP2/ZG2/Z2/RB2, DBR-M190/180, DBR-Z160/150, RD-BZ810, RD-X10


Remote COntroller for REGZA Z Series

Control the TV with a smartphone

It's easy to set up

Customization is possible