Walking! Earth Defence Force

Walking! Earth Defence Force

By Walk, Get Villains & Health

Defend the Earth from the Mysterious Aliens and Villains! This application is a game that walks and protects the Earth. Earn "Steps" and get Aliens and Villains! Acquire "Fame" and extend the organization! Equipments and merchandise are developed by "Invention Seeds"! Let's take back peace in the Earth by casual patrol !


A.D. 20XX. Mysterious aliens attack the earth. People were exposed to the threat of sent combatants ‘Villains’.One day. Mr. Akechi and dying Yuzu-Pon have asked help from you. They established the Earth Defense Force to protect people from the threats of aliens and Villains with your cooperation.



Take a walk in the neighborhood and get villains!

Rise to fame and extend the base!

Develop equipments and merchandises by seeds!

Capture alien with wxciting boss battle!


Enliven your timeline